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新規ユーザーに対する再訪とみなす期間が変更されます。 今まで新規ユーザーに対する再訪と見なす条件は、「新規ユーザーがアクセスした時刻を起点としてX日」といった形で計算されていました。 この再訪と見なす条件を「単位期間の開始・終了」で算出するように変更されます。



初回アクセス日時が9/1 13:00だった場合の2日後の再訪条件:

【これまで】 9/3 13:00 - 9/4 12:59までの間にアクセスがある場合、再訪とみなす

【変更後】 9/3 00:00 - 9/3 23:59までの間にアクセスがある場合、再訪とみなす



Changes to how retention is calculated

We’ve modified how retention is calculated against new users. This had been calculated with the returning condition as “time period from the point when new users first accessed.” Retention has been calculated as after certain days from the exact time of first users’ access. However, this has been slightly modified to be collected from the beginning of the day until the end of the day after certain days since new users’ first access.


Ex) Retention calculation for user X who had first access on 9/1 13:00 and executed event A within a day for 2 times

【Before】 Access during 9/3 13:00 - 9/4 12:59 will be calculated as retention 【Present】 Access during 9/3 00:00 - 9/3 23:59 will be calculated as retention


Please note that there may be some difference in the retention data due to this change since 9/26.